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  • They have every type of mailing, the UPS. USA MAIL, FEDEX, DHL and they even have mail box that you can rent. If you the gentleman man that owns it, he has a great personality. And he knows the Valley Of The Sun pretty good! So not only you can send or receive thinks you can get it done there. Also you can get m mailing or office supplies too.
    Al Harbison
  • The one service they do not have in reference to postal service would be FedEx. They are kind and knowledgeable.
    Joyce C
  • They are always very helpful. Fantastic service. I will drive out of my way just to go to them. They are always patient with my silly questions and are quick to handle any shipping I need to handle.
  • Phenomenal customer service! Steve and Susan are genuinely kind and good hearted people and business owners. Always pleasant. I LOVE that the mailing address is a normal street address and not a PO Box. I would definately recommend this place to anyone.
    Betty Mathurin

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